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The Planet of OZ
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Added 8/21/2007
This is a VERY cool cel from the Super Friends episode The Land of OZ!! In the episode Mr.MXYZPTLK sends Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman to the Planet of OZ and transforms them into the characters of OZ!! Wonder Woman becomes the Lion, Superman becomes the Tin Man and Aquaman becomes the Scarecrow! It is the only cel that I own that has been cut. Superman (Tin Man) and Aquaman (Scarecrow) are on one cel and Wonder Woman (Lion) is on a seperate cel. Both cels have been cut leaving about an inch around each section. I just think this was one of the BEST/COOLEST Super Friends episodes so it was quite nice to acquire this original work however I could get it. The cels themselves are in great shape. The line work is superb and the colors are flawless. Can you tell, I LOVE it?

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